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Grain-Free English Muffins

February 05, 2021 2 min read 2 Comments

Grain-Free English Muffins - Balance ONE

The word muffin is thought to come from the West German term muffen, which means "little cakes".

Today, the interest in grain-free breads and baked goods has grown rapidly as more and more people struggle to digest wheat. Grain-free English muffins are just one of the recipes that have been adapted to suit modern sensitivities. If you feel that you may have a sensitivity to wheat or other gluten-containing grains, these English muffins are a great alternative to your usual bread.

Food sensitivities are often one of the root causes of fatigue, but many times they go completely undiagnosed. Frequent culprits include wheat, dairy, soy and nightshade vegetables. In the long run, food sensitivities are a low grade stressor that can lead to an inflamed gut, poor nutrient absorption, and fatigue.

Almond flour and other nut flours are made from the solids that remain after oils have been pressed from nuts. This lends a rich flavor to baked goods made with nut flours, and can also be used as a bread alternative for crumbed meat. Almond flour is particularly popular for its sweet, buttery flavor. It has an excellent nutritional profile, including healthy fats.

The important thing to know is that baking with nut flours isn’t like baking with wheat flours. It’s much more difficult to get your finished product to rise. The high content of proteins and oils means that using only almond flour alone can lead to a very dense result! That’s why it’s a good idea to use a blend of two different grain-free flours, such as almond and coconut flour.

Coconut flour is very absorbent, and a very small amount will soak up a large amount of liquid. This means it can have a drying effect on baked goods. But you can counteract this by using extra eggs when you're baking. The protein in egg whites helps to provide structure to gluten-free baked goods while the yolks provide moisture.

These Grain-free English muffins contain healthy protein and nutrients from the eggs, healthy fats from the coconut oil, and two different types of grain-free flour.

We enjoy these English muffins as part of an Eggs Benedict, or simply with some pastured butter for breakfast!

Balance ONE
Balance ONE

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