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This is the only probiotic I've used that's helped me defeat chronic infections.

Balance One Turmeric Extract

Shipping was fast and product provided is easy to absorb due to the Black pepper... gotta get me some curcuminoids!

Liver healing

I am on my second month of Liver healing and I am noticing that I feel much better, it also makes me feel good to know my Liver is Happy!

Great Product!

This is beginning to sort out long-standing colon issues for me and years of indigestion and acid reflux for my husband, after only 2 weeks taking them once daily, and twice daily (several hours apart) for the first week (to catch up on severely imbalanced microbiomes). We’ve used other probiotics many times, and found Balance One to make a much more measurable difference!

Restored my gut microbiome!

These probiotics are a life saver. I was suffering with severe abdominal distress due to over use of antibiotics which resulted in a serious yeast infection and chronic constipation. Since taking these probiotics for the past 2 months my problems have been resolved and I am regular and yeast free!

Great Product!

These capsules are really easy to swallow and don't leave a taste in your mouth afterwards, like a lot of other turmeric supplements I have taken.

great but slow international delivery

Seems to work well already, good product, I will update further if needed!

Good quality products

Products seem to be great quality I noticed and felt the difference almost straight away after starting on the probiotics Will order again. Delivery to Europe is a quite slow so order well in advance and bulk buy what you need.

Great product!

I’ve used this product several times now. It makes a notable difference in helping clear up candida overgrowth. I’ve tried many products for this and none have been as effective as Balance One.


I have been using CandAssist for a short time,in that time it seems to be working the way it is advertise to work;I feel better and I think this product has helped me.
Put it this way,I will continue using this product and will tell others about it.

Balance One

Getting balance again!!!

Seems ok

Been using Balance One for about a month and honestly don't see a lot of difference between this product and the other probiotic I've been using. Having said that, the price is better and it's easier to use because you only use one a day so overall it's better.

My husband and I along with our children have been using Balance One probiotics for several months. We all have experienced relief from our digestive issues especially when eating certain foods that don't necessarily agree with our systems. I would recommend to anyone to consider trying Balance One probiotics.

Good Product

Very good. Satisfied...

I like them very much

So far so good

I’ve been using the liver, turmeric and probiotic nutritionals for almost a month. They have been a good addition to my goals for feeling better and living a healthier life.

Seems like a good product

I’m taking these for 2 weeks now in addition to avoiding sugar and processed food. I don’t know if it’s working yet but I like the formula based on my research. I also like that the pills are tiny and easy to swallow. I’m going to buy a few more bottles for my relatives.

Can't tell a difference as of yet. Will continue to take. Looking for promising results


I feel like they have saved my life, thank you so much


I have been dealing with Candida for over a year now and have tried a few types of pills and oils but things still weren’t making enough difference for me. I’m super happy to have found one that is so clean and without Dairy or Gluten.
I’ve been on Balance One for a few weeks now and I have noticed my gut is far less bloated and uncomfortable. I have more energy as well.
I am very optimistic that this great blend of probiotics will definitely change things for me greatly.

Good Probiotic

I've tried several different probiotics and Balance One has been the most effective. Great customer service too.

I have not received it yet .

Hi Richard, it looks like there was a short delay with Australia Post. I can see that your package has been delivered now :)
Anna - Customer Service

Great Probiotic

So far Balance One Probiotic works good. Little pricey.

It works

CandAssist pills started to work after 1-2 weeks of taking, paired with anti-candida diet. Thank you, I feel much better now!


I've been using various products to battle a persistent case of candidiasis. A biochemist buddy of mine told me about this product so I checked it out. Hands down it is the best combo of ingredients I've found for fighting candida. Great job Balance One.