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So far so good, it's early to see much difference. I do like your products, so I'll trust that this will work.


My stomach feels at ease now that I’ve been taking CandAssist after my meals. I really like it.

Turmeric Extract

Excellent product, I no normally use the powder version of this product and can be very messy when using this I just take with water that’s it

Don't see a difference yet, but just started!

Very happy with my CandAssist! A very important item in my treatment of a non pharmacutecal answer to dealing with RA.

Great stuff

It's just what you need when you have to also take other capsules throughout the day.

Nothing in the UK like this!

I was initially on the fence about whether to order this from the UK even though I was suffering from recurring yeast infections. I looked around the UK market and found absolutely nothing like this. I mean look at the ingredient list! I'm so glad I ordered it. It arrived pretty quick for overseas and the size of the capsule is so easy to consume. Still fighting my infection but feeling better than before and so happy I don't have no take these ingredients individually.

I am pleased so far with the Probiotic. Still early in the process.

The best liver support there is

I take Balance ONE Liver Support in tandem with my progesterone pill, as the latter gives me a very bad case of hormonal acne. Balance ONE does the trick and keeps my face clean. I've tried other liver support pills, but they don't really work.
I am very, very pleased.

Such a relief!

Let me tell ya, I've tried many different brands. For me, I was about to give up on them for any relief from my symptoms that varied from yeast issues to constipation.
I came across this, & decided to try. I thought this wasn't for me as I had digestive issues flare in the beginning. These guy's @ Balance One reassured me to keep taking it. I'm so so glad I did! I'm so much better! I'm Regular now, my yeast issues are in the past! This Probiotic Rocks! And, extra plus's.... they don't need to be in fridge, & very cost effective! Total win!
I say give it a "Real try". Be patient, it works! 5 Stars!

Great probiotic

Regulates imbalanced flora...

Been using this product, and I can say I am a happy client. I will continue using it .
Thank you.

Since I started taking my probiotics, I have seen a great improvement in my bowel movement, I noticed crumps have disappeared too .
It's a good product and I will continue using it..

Very helpful

Great staff !

Helps with IBS symptoms and RSI pain

My husband starting taking Balance One's Turmeric in hopes it would help his chronic pain/inflammation from Repetitive Stress Injury (RSI) issues so he could stop using Naproxen and other NSAIDs almost daily. After several days of Turmeric use the pain and inflammation decreased enough he stopped taking NSAIDs most days. He was surprised and pleased to discover that his ongoing digestive issues (designated as Irritable Bowel Syndrome -- IBS-- by his doctor) also improved dramatically. He definitely plans to keep taking Balance One's Turmeric Extract.

Kind of not what I expected

Its good sometimes, sometimes not so good, and I can’t seem to figure out why with a stable, not very varied diet for ibs.

Balance ONE Probiotic

Best probiotics

I had been surching for the best probiotics for my Barrett’s disease and I found it with Balance one. My husband takes it too, and we are both very satisfied.

I am very happy with the quick service of filling my order. No problems, Thank you.


I've been taking these probiotics for a month now, specifically for acid reflux, and I've been feeling much better, I haven't changed any other food habits so I can think that these might be working.


It's a very good supplement, I can see the benefits after only 2weeks🙂


convenient and live


Just started, but loving the product thus far!

Balance One

Just started, but loving the product thus far!

It works.

It helps with everything.