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About Us

Balance One Supplements produces premium supplements to rebalance your gut and improve overall health

About Balance ONE

Balance One Supplements, Inc is a family-owned business with a single focus. We take amazing ingredients, turn them into powerful, high-quality supplements, and do it all at a reasonable price that everyone can afford.

Unlike some of our competitors, we don’t spend huge amounts of money on things like expensive office buildings or marketing teams. In fact, we try really hard to keep our costs down so we can provide you with awesome supplements that don’t cost a small fortune.

These days, many of us don’t get the nutrition that we need from our meals. Nutritional supplements can fill that gap and provide an invaluable boost to gut health, immunity, energy levels, and much more. We want everyone to have access to the improved health and vitality that well-formulated supplements can provide.

Our Commitment to Pure, High Quality Ingredients

When you buy a nutritional supplement from Balance ONE, we want you to be 100% certain that the ingredients in the bottle match (or exceed!) what is written on the label. That’s why we have implemented rigorous Quality Control procedures throughout our manufacturing process.

We take great care in choosing our ingredients too. You won’t find any GMO plants in our formulations, and they contain no artificial colors, stabilizers, or preservatives. We carefully formulate our supplements to ensure that they are free of common allergens like corn, dairy, gluten, soy, or peanuts.

A GMP-Certified Manufacturing Facility

There are so many nutritional supplements on the market now – on Amazon, in your local health food shop, and even in the aisles of your local supermarket. Some are made by reputable manufacturers in high quality facilities; others come from uncertified labs in foreign countries with little or no quality control. How can you tell the difference?

Balance ONE’s probiotics, for example, are 100% grown and produced in the USA. They are grown in Washington state, then taken to a facility in Colorado where they are made into time-release tablets. Our facilities are fully FDA-compliant and GMP-certified through NSF.

All the way through the manufacturing process, our products are monitored by skilled Quality Control teams. Comprehensive testing is performed on all of the constituent ingredients to check their purity and potency, and we retain records of each of the tests performed. Tests vary by product, but might include microbial testing, testing for heavy metals, and stability evaluation.

You can be confident that any item you purchase from Balance ONE has undergone all the relevant and necessary testing. Cutting corners is simply not part of our DNA. We want all of our customers to feel comfortable that they are purchasing a high-quality, well-made product.

The Balance ONE Guarantee

We believe in all our products and we stand squarely behind each of them. That’s why we have our no-questions-asked 30-day Money Back Guarantee.

What does that mean? If you are unsatisfied with your product within 30 days of purchase, for any reason at all, we will be happy to issue a full refund. You don’t even need to tell us why (although we do appreciate all feedback!)

We want all our customers to love our products, and we’ll always go the extra mile to make sure that happens. Our Guarantee is a big part of that.

Try one of our supplements today. We’re proud of what we’ve created, and we’re sure that you’ll notice the difference too.