3 Month Candida Elimination Kit


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This bundle contains everything you need to complete a 3-month Candida Cleanse:

CandAssist: Natural antifungals like caprylic acid and oregano leaf extract to fight Candida.

Time-Release Probiotic: A high quality, multi-strain probiotic to repopulate your gut.

Liver One: Liver-supportive ingredients like milk thistle to reduce Candida symptoms.

Here's what's included:

✅ 3 bottles of CandAssist (3 month supply)
✅ 2 bottles of Probiotic (4 month supply)
✅ 3 bottles of Liver One (3 month supply)
✅ Candida Diet recipe ebook
✅ Candida Elimination Kit User Guide


What's in the Candida Elimination Kit?

The Candida Elimination Kit contains a powerful selection of natural formulas designed to fight Candida, rebalance your gut, and get you back to feeling great.

The kit includes our CandAssist, Probiotic, and Liver One formulas, and enough bottles for a 3 month Candida cleanse.

  • 3 bottles of CandAssist [a 3 month supply]
  • 2 bottles of Probiotic [a 4 month supply]
  • 3 bottles of Liver One [a 3 month supply]

Plus two bonus ebooks!

  • The Candida Diet recipe ebook
  • The Candida Elimination Kit User Guide

Candida albicans is a naturally occurring yeast that resides in the gut as part of the normal gut flora. It usually exists in small numbers, but this can become imbalanced due to factors like antibiotics, a poor diet, or medications. Probiotics and antifungals can help to correct that imbalance.


Our CandAssist formula contains 7 carefully-chosen antifungal ingredients to improve gut health and fight Candida. These include powerful antifungals like caprylic acid, berberine, and oregano leaf extract.

Our Probiotic contains 12 powerful strains and 15 billion CFUs of probiotic bacteria. It delivers those bacteria deep into your gut to bring your gut flora back into balance.

Our Liver One formula contains 10 liver-supportive herbs and minerals. These natural ingredients help your liver to process Candida toxins and reduce symptoms like brain fog and fatigue.


Your diet is incredibly important when you're fighting Candida. That's why this bundle includes, for no extra charge, the Candida Diet Recipe Ebook.

This recipe ebook contains more than 50 delicious recipes that are low-sugar and anti-inflammatory. Many of them contain antifungal or probiotic ingredients too.

You'll get access to this recipe ebook immediately after making your purchase.

We're also including the Candida Elimination Kit User Guide, which contains detailed information on how to get the most out of the supplements in this kit.

This comprehensive ebook describes a sample daily routine, explains how to to avoid Candida Die-Off, and lists strategies for maximizing the effectiveness of the supplements.

You'll also get access to this user guide immediately after making your purchase!


Many of our customers take Liver One, CandAssist, and the Probiotic together. There are a few things to keep in mind though.

Start with smaller doses (e.g. one capsule of Liver One, or half a tablet of the Probiotic). This will also help to avoid any die-off symptoms.

Take CandAssist at least an hour away from the Probiotic. This is because it contains ingredients that can reduce the effectiveness of the live bacteria in the Probiotic.

If you have a sensitive gut, start them at different times.This will give your gut more time to adjust and help you to avoid die-off symptoms. For example, you could start taking Liver One, wait a few days, then add the Probiotic, wait another few days, then add CandAssist.

Consider taking all the supplements with food. This will minimize the chance of any digestive side effects.

Here's an example routine for taking these three supplements:
Take Liver One and the Probiotic with breakfast
Take CandAssist with lunch

There are much more detailed instructions in the downloadable User Guide that comes with the kit :)



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Customer Reviews

Based on 629 reviews

Wonderful for the gut
I’m still using it

I'm amazed!

I've been dealing with chronic yeast infections for over two years. I'm about to finish my first month of Balance One and it's helping with my yeast infections. I went to the OB to test for any signs and there was none! Super thankful for this product.

P,V. (New Zealand)
3 month candida cleanse

Fabulous product! I have been using for 7 or 8 months and now husband is using. Both hooked on great results with all natural ingredients. A breakthrough after years of trying new products.

Rene W. (United States)
Feedback - 3 Month Candida Elimination Kit

I think it's really too early in the regimen to know for sure if it's the system that's working. But generally speaking, I do have a bit less digestive issues.

Lynn A. (United States)

CandAssist from Balance has helped me overcome some issues that the doctor couldn't fix. I will continue purchasing this product from Balance One.