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5 Reasons Why This Candida Kit Will Change Your Life In Less Than 90 Days 🌱💪🌻

Candida symptoms like fatigue, brain fog, yeast infections, or digestive upset? A Candida cleanse could get your health back to the way it was. 
The 3-Month Candida Elimination Kit has everything you need to start your cleanse. Let's take a look at 5 reasons why it could change your life.

1. Natural Antifungals That Really Fight Candida

Q: What's better than taking a natural antifungal?
A: Taking 7 of them!

Our CandAssist formula contains 7 powerful antifungals including Caprylic Acid, Oregano Leaf Extract, and Berberine.

These natural antifungals are science-backed, well-tolerated, and proven to fight Candida yeast.

The Candida Kit contains three bottles of CandAssist - that's enough for 90 days.

2. Probiotics That Actually Reach Your Gut

What's the #1 problem with most probiotics? They get destroyed by your stomach acid! Most probiotics don't even reach your gut.

Our probiotic comes in time-release tablets that get safely past your stomach acid. Then, it slowly delivers its 'good bacteria' to your gut over 8-10 hours.

The Candida Kit includes two bottles of our Probiotic, enough for 120 days.

3. It Includes A User Guide (With Detailed Instructions)

OK, so you have the supplements. But what then?

The Candida Kit comes with a detailed User Guide that tells you exactly when and how to take the Candida-fighting supplements.

If you have a sensitive gut, don't worry! The User Guide also includes instructions on how to start the plan more slowly.

4. Great Value With Free Shipping & Easy Returns

The 3-Month Candida Elimination Kit is simply the most affordable and convenient way to do a Candida cleanse.

The Kit contains 8 bottles of antifungals, probiotics and liver support. It also includes a detailed guide and a free recipe ebook

That's everything you need to get started. Plus, shipping is always free! And if the Candida Kit doesn't work for you, just return it within 60 days.

5. Join 1000s Of People Fighting Their Candida

Thousands of people have used our anti-Candida products. The Candida Kit alone has more than 500 5-star reviews.

"The products are working!" - Hope A.
"A game changer for me.." -
Phelan L.
"I love these products." -
Michelle M.
"It has transformed my life" -
Allan M.

Get Started Today 🚀 🙌

The Candida Elimination Kit contains everything you need to complete a 3-month Candida Cleanse. 

It comes with our Liver One formula to reduce Candida symptoms, CandAssist to fight the Candida yeast, and our 12-strain Probiotic to replenish the good bacteria. Each kit contains everything you need for 3 months. 

Plus, we've included the Candida Diet recipe ebook, which contains more than 50 recipes that are perfect for a Candida diet.

Here's what's included in the kit:
➡  3 bottles of Liver One [a 3 month supply]
➡  2 bottles of Probiotic [a 4 month supply]
➡  3 bottles of CandAssist [a 3 month supply]
➡  The Candida Diet recipe ebook
➡  The Candida Kit Guide

Here are a few key reasons why the 3-Month Candida Elimination Kit is so effective: 

•  Liver support from milk thistle extract and artichoke leaf extract to reduce Candida symptoms. 

•  Natural, antifungal ingredients like caprylic acid, berberine, and oregano leaf extract to fight the Candida overgrowth. 

•  A probiotic that uses delayed-release tablets to rebalance your gut. 

•  A 3-4 month supply of all these supplements. All supplements are non-GMO and vegan. They're also free of nuts, dairy, gluten, and soy. 

•  A free recipe ebook with more than 50 low-sugar recipes. 
•  A free user guide on how to take the supplements  :)

3 Month Candida Elimination Kit



Customer Reviews

Based on 654 reviews

Meh..didnt notice anything

KC (United States)

This product is excellent! It is a game changer!

Jill G. (United States)
Cured my candida rash!

I’ve been dealing with an itchy and painful candida rash on my rear end caused a round of powerful antibiotics for another ailment. My dermentologist gave me an anti fungal cream that was only minimally effective. After a few weeks on the probiotic and candida formula, the rash is gone and has stayed gone!

A.L. K. (United States)
So impressed

This worked out very well for my digestion. I have taken a lot of products. I believe this has given results the closest to what I’ve expected.

Cheri R. (United States)
Satisfied with it.

I am on blood pressure meds and the three new supplements from Balance One made my blood pressure go down very low. I stopped them and blood pressure came back up. I like the Cand Assist it was helping but the blood pressure went very low.
I stopped and won't take them any longer.
Thank you I really liked the results for the candida. I don't like the blood pressure went down too low.
Thank you.
Cheri Rapson