There's no doubt that probiotic supplements can do wonders for your health.

Here are the 5 RED FLAGS to look for
when choosing a quality probiotic

There are more suitable alternatives

Look for probiotics that will actually get their bacteria to your gut.

The only proven way to deliver probiotic bacteria past stomach acid is a technology named BIO-tract. This new technology uses an ingenious and very effective method to get probiotics past your stomach acid. Instead of the probiotics being poured into a capsule, they are freeze-dried and compressed into a tablet.

When the tablet is moistened by the fluids in your stomach, a gel matrix forms on the outside of the tablet. This tablet creates a protective layer that protects your probiotics from stomach acids and enables them to travel safely to your intestines.

Research has shown that BIO-tract delivers 60% of probiotic bacteria past stomach acid.

That's 15 times more effective than veggie capsules at transporting probiotics through stomach acid. If you're using regular vegetable capsules, you could be wasting your money.

What You Can Do

Buy a probiotic that will get its bacteria past stomach acid.

Probiotics that use patented BIO-tract technology are 15 times more effective at getting their bacteria past stomach acid.

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The More The Better

A good probiotic should contain at least 5 billion CFUs per dose in order to provide maximum benefit. Note that the delivery mechanism is very important here too.

For example, 5bn CFUs in a BIO-tract tablet might deliver more probiotics to your gut than 75 billion CFUs in a regular veggie capsule. If you buy a probiotic with BIO-tract, it doesn't need to contain a huge CFU count.

What You Can Do

Buy a probiotic that contains at least 5 billion CFUs.

Anything less is unlikely to be effective.

Our Balance ONE probiotic contains 15 billion CFUs, and delivers more of those to your gut where they're needed.


What You Can Do

Buy a probiotic that contains a variety of researched strains found naturally in the gut microbiome.

Our probiotic has 12 different strains, including L. acidophilus, B. longum, L. plantarum, and many more. 

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What You Can Do

Buy a probiotic that contains at least 6 probiotic strains.

This will increase the chance of positive improvements to your gut health.

Our probiotic has 12 carefully-chosen probiotic strains for improved gut health and immunity.


While additives such as colorants and flavorings may be deemed ‘safe’ by the FDA, numerous studies have suggested that they may be linked to acute intolerance or allergic reactions, or even may increase risks of serious long-term illnesses such as cancer.

After all, probiotic supplements are taken to improve your health – not harm it! Check the ingredients label on a product to see whether it contains any excipients (additives) that you don’t need.

What You Can Do

Buy a probiotic that doesn't contain unnecessary preservatives, artificial colors or flavors.

Our probiotic contains only naturally-derived ingredients that won't damage or inflame your gut.

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