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Balance ONE Probiotic

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Take our daily probiotic to rebalance your gut after antibiotics, support strong immunity, or improve your digestive health.

Our probiotic is shelf-stable, made in the USA, 100% vegan, non-GMO, and free of all major allergens.

Most probiotic capsules get less than 4% of their bacteria past stomach acid. Our patented time-release tablets deliver 60% of their probiotic bacteria past stomach acid, making them 15 times more effective.

Our probiotic releases its bacteria over 8-10 hours and delivers them all the way to your gut - just where you need them.

Take 1 tablet per day, with or without food. A bottle lasts for 60 days.

Customer Reviews

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Love this product!!!

edward s. (United States)

product very good; shipping too slow

Nadia B. (United Kingdom)
Probiotic and candisist

These capsules reduced inflammation and helped resorte the normal balance of flora. Great results!

JKK (United States)
Best Ever

The best probiotics ever as they are time released.
Also like them because they are in tablets.

masatoshi o. (Japan)



Balance ONE probiotics do not need to be refrigerated. Thanks to our long-lasting probiotic strains and the patented BIO-tract delivery mechanism, your probiotics will still be going strong at expiration date. Just keep them in a cool, dry place.

They are made in the USA, in a GMP-certified, FDA-compliant facility. We use rigorous quality control to ensure the highest standards.

Have you ever bought a probiotic supplement and found that it had no effect? That’s probably because all of the probiotic strains were destroyed by your stomach acid. Balance ONE probiotics use a patented process to compress our probiotics into tablets. Research has shown that this process delivers 15 times as many bacteria through stomach acid and to the intestines.

Our probiotics are completely free of nuts, wheat, gluten, and dairy. They are vegan, completely non-GMO, and free from all preservatives and artificial colors or flavors. Our facilities are fully cGMP-compliant and operate to the highest standards. We use rigorous quality control to ensure that our supplements match what it says on the label.

Travelers diarrhea and digestive problems can be incredibly common while traveling. Changes in timezones, exposure to new bugs, and new foods can all contribute. Balance ONE probiotics are ideal to take while traveling because they are shelf-stable. And thanks to our innovative delivery system, they can be taken at any time of day, giving you one less thing to worry about.

The time of day, or whether you take it with or without food, is less important with our time-release probiotic. When the time-release tablets come into contact with moisture they form a gel coating that protects them from the acidic environment in your stomach. Tests have shown that they are 15 times more effective at surviving stomach acid, when compared to regular vegetable capsules. They also release their live bacteria over 8-10 hours instead of all at once.

One of the first and most obvious benefits that our customers see is usually in improved digestion. That often happens within the first few weeks. Changes like higher energy levels and stronger immunity come a little later, as the gut flora begin to rebalance and nutrient absorption improves. ​The exact timeframe depends on how imbalanced your gut was to start with, what your diet is, and many other factors!

The regular dose for our Probiotic is one tablet per day. That's what most of our customers do, but we also have customers who take a wide range of doses. Some take three or more per day, whereas others take only half a tablet per day. 

That's one major advantage of using the time-release tablets; if you have a sensitive gut, taking half a tablet is a good way to start taking the probiotic without causing any digestive upset.

There is a commonly-held misconception that it’s pointless to take probiotics alongside antibiotics, because the antibiotics will kill the good bacteria in the probiotic. This is very far from the truth.

There has been a tremendous amount of research into the use of probiotics to manage the side effects associated with antibiotics. Often these side effects are digestive symptoms like diarrhea, but there are also longer-term impacts like a weakening of immunity.

Probiotics have been consistently shown to reduce the side effects of antibiotics. They can prevent much of the damage to your gut flora and reduce the long-term impact on your gut health, digestion, and immunity.

There is one important thing to note. Remember to take your probiotic at least an hour apart from the antibiotic. That will prevent the good bacteria from being killed by the antibiotic.

Probiotic supplements are generally a much better option than fermented foods if you are histamine-intolerant.

Some strains of probiotic bacteria (e.g. L. bulgaricus) are histamine-producing. Other strains (e.g. L. acidophilus, L. paracasei, Lactococcus lactis) are histamine-neutral. Some strains (e.g. L. plantarum, B. infantis, B. longum, L. salivarius) are thought to have a histamine-lowering effect! The research is mixed on others - for example, some research studies have found L. casei and S. thermophilus to be histamine-producers, but others have shown them to be histamine-neutral!

Our probiotic wasn't specifically designed to be low-histamine, but it does contain mostly histamine-neutral and histamine-lowering strains. It contains two strains that may be histamine-producers or histamine-neutral, depending which research you read (L. casei and S. thermophilus). But it also contains proven histamine-degraders like L. plantarum, B. infantis, B. longum, and L. salivarius. The other strains are broadly histamine-neutral. It does not contain the biggest histamine-producers like L. bulgaricus.

Probiotics can be used for acid reflux. Antacids and Proton Pump Inhibitors (PPIs) can lead to short-term improvements, but they often tend to impair digestion and mask the underlying problem. 

Taking them for too long can lead to unwelcome changes in your gut flora, and possibly worsen conditions like SIBO or Candida. PPIs have been linked to kidney disease and cardiovascular disease.

 There have been around 15 studies investigating the possible use of probiotics for acid reflux.

Almost all of those studies found that patients saw improvements in GERD and reflux symptoms. When combined with diet and lifestyle changes, probiotics could be a safer long-term option than PPIs.

It’s not uncommon for people to experience temporary digestive side effects when starting a new probiotic, especially more potent probiotics like ours, although these do generally pass fairly quickly. 

This is particularly true if you have a sensitive gut. As the 'good bacteria' reach the gut and the gut flora start to rebalance, this can cause temporary symptoms like gas and bloating. It’s actually a sign that the probiotic bacteria are getting safely to the gut and starting to do their work! 

These digestive symptoms will usually pass within a few days. If they're very uncomfortable, one of the major benefits of our probiotic is that you can break the tablets in half (or smaller). In fact, that's usually our first suggestion to anyone suffering from digestive side effects.

Taking a half or quarter dose will reduce the stress on your existing gut flora and allow your gut more time to adjust. Over time, you can increase the dose if and when you feel comfortable.

Our probiotics are made in the USA. We don’t use any foreign labs or manufacturing facilities - all our facilities are 100% in the United States of America. 

Our live probiotic strains are grown in Washington state, then transported to our facility in Colorado where they are compressed into time-release tablets. Then they are taken to either our warehouse in Illinois or to one of the many warehouses operated by Amazon.

The other, non-probiotic ingredients in our formula are sourced from a range of different countries. These other ingredients are included as part of the time-release tablets that carry the bacteria safely through your stomach acid and release them over 8-10 hours in your gut. Here’s a full list:

Probiotic blend - USA
FOS (prebiotic) - Chile, Belgium
Microcrystalline Cellulose - Taiwan
Hydroxypropyl Methylcellullose - USA, Germany, Belgium
Pectin - Germany
Sodium Carbonate - USA
Stearic Acid - Malaysia
Silicon Dioxide - USA
Turmeric - India

The biggest difference between our probiotic and most other brands is the way that we get our live bacteria to your gut.

Most probiotic brands use vegetable capsules that deliver only around 4% of their bacteria safely to the gut. That's because the veggie capsules are quickly broken down in your stomach, and the live bacteria are then exposed to your stomach acid. Probiotic bacteria are sensitive to this highly acidic environment and most of them are killed before passing through to your intestines.

To solve this problem, we compress our bacteria into special time-release tablets. When these come into contact with moisture, they form a protective gel coating that keeps the bacteria safe in your stomach. Then, when the tablet passes through to your intestines, the bacteria are slowly released over 8-10 hours.

Tests using simulated stomach acid have shown that this method safely delivers at least 15 times more bacteria, when compared to regular vegetable capsules.

Our probiotic also has 12 strains chosen for their impact on digestion and immunity, and a total of 15 billion CFUs of bacteria.