Top 7 Antifungals To Fight Candida Overgrowth

An imbalance like Candida overgrowth can lead to digestive problems, weak immunity, low energy levels, frequent yeast infections, and more.

Antifungal supplements can work withj your immune system to boost your defences against Candida. In this article, we'll take a look at a range of antifungals and find the strongest Candida killer.

Over the last decade, yeasts like Candida albicans have begun to develop resistance against prescription antifungal treatments, with the result that people have increasingly turned to natural antifungals instead. These tend to be well-tolerated, have fewer side effects, and are still very effective.

Here are the top antifungal supplements to consider when fighting Candida.

7 Effective Antifungals To Fight Candida

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Caprylic Acid

Studies have shown caprylic acid to be as potent as prescription antifungals. Its short chain length means it can penetrate the cell wall of the yeast relatively easily. It then incorporates itself into the cell membrane and causes it to rupture.

- 2 -

Undecylenic Acid

Undecylenic acid inhibits the hyphal growth and biofilm formation of Candida albicans. These factors play a major part in the development of skin infections, and also in Candida’s ability to spread throughout the body.

- 3 -

Oregano Leaf Extract

Oregano oil contains two naturally-occurring antimicrobial agents, carvacrol and thymol. These agents work to fight Candida overgrowth by dehydrating and killing Candida yeast cells. Studies show it to be effective against biofilm too.

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Berberine is the active ingredient in barberry and goldenseal. It has a host of powerful therapeutic actions as an antimicrobial agent. Berberine has shown antifungal properties against yeast and fungal infections such as Candida overgrowth.

- 5 -

Betaine HCl

Betaine HCl acts as a protective barrier in your stomach and a crucial part of your immune system, by killing any potentially harmful micro-organisms. It also improves the effectiveness of undecylenic acid and caprylic acid.

- 6 -

Garlic Extract

One of garlic’s most important antifungal agents is Ajoene, an organosulfur compound that has been shown to kill off a variety of fungal infections. Ajoene works by disrupting the cell walls of the Candida yeast cells.

- 7 -

Olive Leaf Extract

Olive leaf extract contains an active ingredient named oleuropein. Research has shown that oleuropein has an incredible array of health properties as an antifungal, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and antiviral.

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